You've probably heard your relationship-addicted friends or your overly eager parents nagging you the most annoying question in the world:

"Why are you still single?"

Trust us, it's completely normal to have your mind scrambling for a logical answer only to come up blank. So, we went ahead and made the most brilliant clapbacks you can respond with. (Bonus: say 'em with a sassy finger wave for a snappier impact)

1. My career is my baby.

My B-A-E is spelled as J-O-B. Right now, I'm at the top of my career game. I'm hungry for experience, ambition, and makin' that paper rain! I can't sacrifice any moment of my time for someone else.

2. I treat myself better than anyone I’ve ever dated.

So far, every single date I've been through, every person who's ever gotten my hopes high, and every DM slid into my inbox has been entirely disappointing. The only one who came through in the end was... well, me! I'm the only one who can satisfy my needs and that's definitely enough for me.

3. No one can keep up with my awesomeness.

I've seen the fish in the sea and, man, are they at the bottom of the food chain. I'm always aiming high and trying to be a better version of myself, but no one can come close to keeping up with my excellence. I'd rather ride the highway alone than settle for less.

4. I’m just lucky, I guess.

You're asking how I didn't manage to get trapped into a relationship that would probably never work out anyway? My odds are just really, really lucky.

5. Name one married superhero. Exactly.

Think about it... much like me, superheroes are hella powerful, sexy, and adored by all. They literally and figuratively cannot be tied down when they could spend all that precious time beating up baddies and saving the world.

6. I’m overqualified.

I know myself more than anyone in the world. Looks-wise, I'm a solid ten outta ten, baby. My emotional wavelength is as strong as my golden soul. So if I'm gonna choose someone, they have to meet my own standards. I just haven't found someone worthy of myself yet.

7. I’m already married to food.

If I had to choose between stuffing my ears with a boring date's bland stories or stuffing my face with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, I'd choose the hot plate every time. Food, unlike humans, will never reject you. In fact, it's the gift that keeps on giving... and refilling.

8. Li Shang’s already taken.

It's hard to put yourself out there when you've already sealed your heart away for the gorgeous Li Shang... only to realize he's already found his own soulmate. It's just impossible to move on.

9. I can’t even commit to my diet, let alone an actual person.

Commitment is hella difficult. For one thing, I can't even stick to that no-junk-food diet without drooling over my friend's hot bag of cheese fries. How could I possibly commit to a singular human being for the rest of my life? That's a hard pass for me.

10. Because being single is fun, that’s why!

Getting to do whatever the heck I want? With whoever I wanna be with? At any time or place? Without asking for someone else's permission? Who wouldn't want to be single, then?

11. Because true love is worth the wait.

Because when I fall, I fall deep. Because I don't want to choose the person I'm going to be spending my life with by a mere reckless decision. Because I believe in waiting for the right person at the right time. Call it cliché but if there's true love out there, I'm going to be taking my sweet time finding it.

Oof, did any one of these answers hit your heart home? Go ahead and check out more snappy goodies on oxgnfashion.com!


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