It's Scorpio season, you know what that means? The zodiac's well-loved drama queen is coming up and at 'em with the most divaesque swagger! Check out if these twenty-two things fit your the Scorpio bill, we mean, tail!


Loves emotional tea

Scorpios are super in touch with their emotions, making them the ultimate tea sipper…and other times brewer.


Hates wasting their time

Let’s be real: Scorpios have no time for anyone’s nonsense when they could be busy making money moves.


Scorpios love being on the receiving end of their gift exchanges, so much so that they’ll hoard their gifts just so they could flaunt it around their friends.


Drama feeds their soul

Whether it’s a Korean drama or an actual cat fight happening in front of their eyes, expect Scorpios to be the first ones on the scene and capturing it on their Instagram stories.


Assertive af

When Scorpios want something, they’ll make it happen with every fiber of their being. Why do you think Leonardo DiCaprio never stopped chasing his Oscar dream?


Constantly comparing themselves with, well...themselves

Scorpios are seriously competitive and constantly push themselves to be better versions of their past, present, and future. Talk about the pressure!


Only sheds a single tear

Scorpios will do everything as dramatic as possible so instead of bawling their eyes out, they’ll force themselves to shed a single tear just because it’s more aesthetically pleasing.


Pours their soul to everything

Whether it’s their romance, friendship, career track, or culinary expertise, Scorpios will pour their soul into their journey and make every moment count.


Loves grand entrances

Scorpios will walk into the room with nothing but the objective of having everyone’s eyes fixated on them. And they deliver it with a tropical headdress and an exclusive cartoon-inspired style to boot!


A typical Scorpio convo includes head-turning laughter, sassy finger snapping, melodramatic facial expressions, and an eye-catching outfit!


Overthinking every little detail

Scorpios get incredibly anxious when it comes to specific details about things that concern their lives. Don't be surprised that a casual chat turns into a full-depth interrogation!


Loves being the life of the party

Scorpios love being the center of attention especially in public places. No wonder they’re such charismatic social butterflies wherever they go.


Forgives but never forgets

Cross paths with a Scorpio and they’ll be quick to forgive given that they’re sweet by nature. But beware: they’ll be keeping receipts one way or the other.


Caffeine addicts

A Scorpio without their daily dose of caffeine is something you won’t want to be messing with. They have to make sure their drink is specifically correct from sugar and ice levels to the type of milk mixed in.


Even if all the facts and emotions are there, Scorpios will never admit their feelings to anyone, even to themselves.


Loves playing emotional games

Emotions are something of a toy for a Scorpio. They play with other people’s feelings but will leave you hanging with just a bit to keep them at a love-hate relationship.


Never settles

A Scorpio will always get what they want but once they do have it, it’s never enough. Scorpios will constantly be searching for more which makes them big and stubborn starry-eyed dreamers.


Lives on the fast lane

Life is a party for a fellow Scorpio so they're constantly jumping from one place or hobby to another. Don’t even think about trying to slow them down or they’ll cut you loose quick.


Never calls or texts first

When it comes to romance, Scorpios love a great cat-and-mouse chase. Though they won’t lift a finger to call or message first even if they’re super into the person.


Will dig up receipts to prove they're right

Scorpios save up all the evidence just to make their point proven flawlessly, even if it means going through an embarrassing convo from ten years ago.


Always the karaoke star

Scorpios always flaunt their not-so-hidden talents so it’s a no brainer that they have an amazing vocal range and never let go of the karaoke mic when they belt it out.


Says everyone's their BFF

Scorpios are incredibly loyal to their friends and will never say whether one friendship is stronger than the other. So they just usually say that everyone’s their best friend whether it’s the kindergarten classmate they barely talked to or their literal twin sister.

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