Japanese culture has long been tipping the streetwear scales in wickedly awesome proportions. From anime-inspired graphics to text-heavy placements, its unique urban aesthetic is a whirlwind mix of kawaii and cool that will definitely stand out from any crowd. Roll up your sleeves to these Anime Anthem looks for a funky fresh style fusion.

Katakana character

One of the Japanese writing scripts, katakana is mainly used for words imported from foreign languages. Its distinct strokes add a creative element to everyday English that can whip up some visual mix-match, too! Check out these cool text-heavy looks that really seal the deal!

Catch the midnight style train goin’ anywhere!

Hard times ain’t a problem

Anime artistry

From beloved films to iconic TV shows, Japanese animation has swept us off our feet in its own visual universe. Catch these anime-inspos that hit you right in the aesthetic feels.

Shookt with after-school boredom…

Gotta keep your anime boy cool!

A-plus atmo

Deep diving into the Japanese environment, you’ll be able to spot the culture’s rich and detailed history. Take a look at the iconic pieces that continue to pop up in street culture.

Caught up in the way of the samurai.

Ramen crave rave!

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