Yup, it's the most romantic day of the year! Valentine's is officially today and the sweet smell of roses and L-O-V-E is swifting through the air. No other time to officially confess to your crush than on this one sweet day and we're here obviously more than willin' to help—check these cute confessions to start setting that lucky blazing heart afire!

1. "Accidentally" text it

The quickest confession with a plot twist: tell your crush you like them with a short n' sweet emoji-filled one-liner. Then all of a sudden, take it back and say that it was meant for someone else. If they start investigating who the mystery person is, then they may have the hots for you, too!

2. Make a playlist

Nothing says "I love you" like a carefully curated playlist that literally says, or rather sings it all. Put in some pipes from the lovesick Adele or a lot of sultry riffs from Bruno Mars. If their lyrics aren't obvious enough, just put Whitney Houston's "I'll Always Love You" twenty times in a playlist and watch them blush after plugging on their earphones.

3. Put it in frosting

Ah, being in love is tooth-achingly sweet and guiltily addicting! So spell out your feelings in equal measure with a lotta sugary frosting. Bake a cake and ice it in dollops of hearts and rainbow sprinkles. Heck, go and make a cookie in the shape of their face. Love knows no bounds or recipes!

4. Send a meme

If you're a shy awkward bean with a really weird sense of humor like us, then Valentine confessing can be easy with a simple dank meme. Jokingly tag 'em in a subtly obvious post like this one below to really catch them off guard. They might catch feelings at the same time, amirite?

5. Sub-tweet it

If your crush is following you on Twitter, then you can spill your tea out loud in an honest tweet. Start the tweet with a coy "hey @crush it's time to be my Valentine". Then lay it all on 'em with a sub-tweet of their actual username tag. BOOM. That's the only love letter mic drop you need.

6. Tell it through a math problem

Have your soon-to-be Valentine decode your complicated feelings of love with an equally head-scratching math question. Depending on how problematic your crush is, you can have 'em solve out a difficult graph equation of a heart or simply send a cheeky formula to the magic number 143. They'll be frustrated at first but once they hit eureka, they might give you that hopeful answer you're looking for, too.

7. Serenade it

Call us old-fashioned but nothing beats actually belting out a romantic tune to your crush this Valentine's Day. Grab your acoustics and reveal your feelings à la Romeo or Lil' Romeo depending on your genre. They'll swoon for your fine voice and duet with you for dates to come.

8. Ask them to "help" pick out a gift

Here's a smart move: ask your crush to "help" pick out a gift for your Valentine. Once they do decide on one, buy it, and then hand it to 'em right after. It's smooth, straight to the point, and 100% guaranteed no returns since they technically chose the present themselves. The only thing they'll be returning is mutual feelings, we hope!

9. Be honest

The best way to confess to your special someone today is to say it directly. No beating around the bush. No horsing around. Tell them how much they fill your mind day and night, and how much you want them to be your Valentine today, tomorrow, and the days after. This may be the most ballsy one in our book but we're sure both of you will appreciate this sweet revelation... in a candlelit date, perhaps?

Take a deep breath and tell your crush today! Check out more passion-filled moments on oxgnfashion.com!


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