Forget those Magic 8 balls and Greek tragedies, our reading’s the real deal. We’ve dusted off our turban and spit-shined our crystal ball to read into the forecast this month for all you fellow watery Aquarians. Gaze into the OXGN mystère and see how your future will work out for you… just don’t mind the cracks on the crystal.

Aquarians aren’t much of an acquired taste because they’re always on the menu’s special. You could describe them as a five-star Michelin dish that can melt any steel heart with their glamorous preparation and enigmatic flavors. Minus the cryptic talk, this means that they’re highly empathetic and they bless us with their godly looks for all our eyes to see. Oh, and did you know? Our Team OXGN homeboy Donny Pangilinan’s an Aquarian. Need we say more?

Lucky you! You’re sharing the Aquarian season with Donny!

This month’s vibrations are as bubbling as a boiling cup of spicy ramen noodles, so that means y’all Aquarians have to stay on your toes. Keep your eyes peeled for snakes in sheep’s clothing and bust their fake contours out of your Instagram feed ASAP. Take some good energy this month with the lucky Nocturne spray.

Knock ‘em out with your lucky Nocturne spray this month!

Though you may have kept your plans on track as straight as this sleek pinstripe tracker, the seas of the future for the air-signed Aquarians are best embraced in all its unpredictable, chaotic and Sharknado’d glory. Throw out the overpriced and overscheduled journals. Live your life as Drake would. Minus the meme tears. Speaking of tears, our color inspo for Aquarians this month is Ultramarine Blue.

Get ocean-deep with this month’s lucky color.

When the space gods were cooking up Aquarians, they made sure they doped them up with a tight, tight, tight triple-dosed chill pill. These stars are the main definition of keepin’ their cool – it’s no wonder why people are just magnetically attracted to them. But beware, all you levelheaded lovers, you may not realize that your fawning friends are already drooling all over you. Plus with your curse of cool, you may have already and unintentionally sent them flying into the friend zone. Get your head in the game and play your cards right, who knows, you may have a romantic royal flush by the end of the year.

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