Season Of Sharing: The OXGN Gift Guide!

Season Of Sharing: The OXGN Gift Guide!

The holiday szn is coming and you’ve overused the treat yourself card! Now it’s time to spoil the people you love with fire gifts you know they’ll love. We’ve got a lot of things to choose from for all your gift-giving festivities — and to help you wrap up your holiday shopping early, we made this li’l guide!



These are the people who value their free time and personal comfort the most. Admit it, you’ve constantly seen them in a cozy sweat set — whether it’s for a Zoom meeting, real-life hangout, or sleepover, the typical couch potato has this as their signature uniform. Gift them an outfit they can definitely add to their roster! We recommend pieces with brushed terry and soft fabrics they wouldn’t want to change out of.


The inseparables. It’s usually the couple you’re a third wheel of or a duo you always love to have a double date with. They’re a big fan of the matchy-matchy situation and you’re admittedly a big enabler of that cause. Get them OXGN gifts in pairs — we suggest going for scents or shirts that perfectly complement each other, just like the ones receiving them.


Now we gotta say they’re our favorite type of people. A constant wearer of our Logo Tees, the Minimalist folk may be lowkey but they put on their love for OXGN every chance they get. We’re sure they’d appreciate a go-to piece in a colorway they have yet to own. Take a moment to scroll through their OOTD posts to know exactly which styles they’re missing in their closets — trust us, they’re sure to appreciate the fact that you take notes and have all the little details memorized.


They’re probably the luckiest ones and the easiest to find a gift for on your list — all you have to do is head to the OXGN Collabs section and find an outfit that busts out their inner geek! Buy something that features their favorite character and we can guarantee you a spot in their gifting list, too!

So what anime collection would it be? Limited edition and, more importantly, licensed One Piece, Naruto Shipudden, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter, or HAIKYU!! merch are all up for grabs.


Gifts for the flex-those-gains type? Turn your attention to our selection’s newest muscle tees and slim fit tops that your athletic moots will thank you for. You can also go for pieces they can wear during their workouts from our Premium Threads line — these styles go from performance to play.


They’re the BFFs you hang out with when you want to have fun, try what’s trending, and go through your bucketlist with! We have two BFFs in our team that are the same: Zee the Sloth and Space Panda — dope and stylish characters that bring out the best in each other. You can spot them on OXGN apparel and accessories you and your besties can go twinning in this holiday season.


Looking for something for lovers of nature, road trips, and exploring new hobbies? We’ve got statement graphic tees and on-the-go accessories made just for them! They always bring that energetic aura around so gift them with head-turning pieces that match their personality, and their favorite colors! PS: We’ve loaded this list with prints and all kinds of nature-inspired designs to match the Adventurer’s outdoorsy vibes.


These are for the lovers of all things practical — whether you’re a gift-giver or present opener. These pieces are perfect if you’re on a tight budget or just want to add something extra to your holiday surprises! Our stocking stuffer selection are filled with options they won’t re-gift, so introduce a new signature scent they’ll love or buy them a couple of bundled tees to add to their everyday wear.

HERE'S A CHRISTMAS BONUS: Get P250 off when you spend at least P1499 on our gift selections!

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