The Akatsuki dominates OXGN’s newest Naruto Shippuden collection

The Akatsuki dominates OXGN’s newest Naruto Shippuden collection

The dawn is here—our first collection of the year features the newest Naruto Shippuden merch.

This 2021 collab line was co-created by you. We took note of your favorites and merged our signature character-focused designs with subdued tones for a grungier streetwear take. Inspired by the bad ass energy of the Akatsuki, this collection focuses on breaking off the rules of style: Boxier oversized silhouettes, contrasting embroidery accents, and bigger, attention-grabbing backprints.


The street sartorial of your favorite anti-heroes. Introducing cool pieces that go beyond the hype—intricate designs and detailed graphics on oversized fits to suit that outdoor-kinda-swag you love.

With Graphic Tees featuring Madara Uchiha, the Six Paths of Pain and the whole Akatsuki crew, you’re sure to find a fire ’fit in this newest collection.



Konoha’s strongest family of Shinobi is out to make a stronger style statement with these OXGN pieces. We sure didn’t forget about their Kekkei Genkai—we think the Sharingan makes our designs one of a kind.

This clan will teach you a thing or two on modern urban-ready Shinobi styling: Itachi, Obito and Sasuke make an awesome OOTD bunch.




Show off your good side with these Konoha ninja goodies. Your favorite Shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village are finally joining the Naruto Shippuden x OXGN collection. Team Seven, Neji, Rock Lee, Shikamaru and the rest of the Hidden Leaf Village Shinobi are here to keep dressing up fun and interesting.




Know your Shinobi history: Our newest graphic tees feature the fastest ninja, a legendary Sannin, and the strongest beast in the land. Be on a mission to look extra cool whenever you step out into the world.

Check out the newest Naruto Shippuden x OXGN collection online on, Lazada, Shopee and Zalora. Also available in selected stores nationwide.

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