Welcome to the world of twenty-twenty where we got flying cameras, robotic boyfriends, and a whole lotta dope nicknames of the future! With all this clear vision we got, we’re pretty sure we predicted the top twenty list of awesome names for the year right. Check out which one you’ll be naming your kid, pet cactus, or heck, even yourself.

20. Macaroni

Coyly cheesy by nature but especially warming by personality, the name Macaroni embodies all things adored by its pasta-mazing origin.

19. Yermajesty

Originated by its long history of royal regard, Yermajesty is the perfect name that oozes nobility and power all crowned with a grand extra-licious flair.

18. South

Direction-inspired names have been pretty common the past year with our fave fashion child North West leading the torch. After all, everyone knows that anyone who lives in the south, wherever it may be, is a whole lot more easygoing and chill compared to everyone else.

17. Calorie

Calorie can be immensely sweet if you push her buttons right, sour when the days have gone too blandly, and bitter if you've irked her real bad... but she'll never leave you no matter how hard you try. Definitely a name you can count on!

16. Hired

The name Steve Jobs's mom originally planned to give him. Name your kid Hired and they'll ace any job interview easily as soon as they answer the question "What's your name?"

15. Unli

Who won't say yes to anything Unlimited? Or Unli for short? Think of the name as an instant happy pill to anyone who hears or calls it. Though Unli might have trouble knowing who's calling 'em out when they get into an eat-all-you-can resto.

14. Ayyy

The name Ayyy has several variations: Ay, Aay, Ayye, Ey... well, you get the idea. You know that awesome feeling when your friend knows what you're thinking even though you barely said anything? Yeah, that's Ayyy. They're totally radical in every way possible.

13. Gym

Normally spelled as Jim, Gym is the name of the most reliable team player you know. Catch 'em snatching every trophy possible from the mathlete crown to the ultimate frisbee championship on the world stage!

12. Yolo

Live life like no tomorrow with the rarity of a name YOLO—that's right, it's in all caps just 'cause it's impossible to can't contain its wild-child-slash-cowboy energy.

11. Danger

Danger? Honey, Danger is my middle name. In fact, it's also my first name. There's nothing more fearless than doubling your front to the arms of infinite peril with this unshakable name.

10. Lotto

Boy, oh boy, will fortune slip onto your lap as easily as a cup of boiling coffee on a Monday morning with this luckster name. Name your kid Lottery, or Lotto for short, and expect a ton of unexpected jackpots coming your way.

9. Bae

Nothing but a whole lotta loving and cutesy smiles for this sweet Bae. It's too hard to dislike anyone with this cheeky name. Just expect that everyone will be head over heels in love with everything they do.

8. Khaleesi

And just like that, the queen Khaleesi has arrived. She's powerful, assertive, and hella rambunctious with every lift of her finger and you can't help but do her every whim.

7. Billie

What's the most dope name out there rn? It's Billie... duh. Everything is just too easy for this kid when you got a crystal clear voice, a stellar stage presence, and eyelashes that can cut through any tension-filled room.

6. Thanos

Naming someone Thanos is just as epic as you how you'd imagine it. They're the embodiment of colossal strength, ocean-deep wisdom, and the inevitability of just being better than you.

5. Mimi

Ah, what can we say about the bashful Mimi? She's sweet, shy, and the epitome of how a proper lady should be. But at the same time, she's the biggest plot twist you'll ever meet: catch her outside revving up a red hot sports car or parkouring to the next block party; this name will fill you with surprises errtime.

4. Hashtag

Life hack: naming someone Hashtag will instantly have them trending worldwide. Always updated with the latest dish, this fella constantly has something awesome brewing up in their head. No wonder they're always the talk of the town!

3. Venti

Why make your local barista mess up your name when you can ensure their correct spelling with something entirely from the menu? After all, everyone is just addicted to the name Venti!

2. Elsa

Undeniably a force to be reckoned with, the name Elsa sends chills down your spine. She takes the future of 2020 by its reigns and never forgets to make a legendary time with it, too!

1. Sam G. Upsal

We served the best name you can call anyone this 2020 in all its full-length glory: Sam G. Upsal. Whisper this to any crowded room and it'll cut through the noise like a hot knife through butter. What does it mean, you ask? Love, my friend... Sam is love.

Which one are you changing your name to? Spot more out-of-this-world moments on oxgnfashion.com!

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