If you hear those sale bells ringing, that’s just the holiday deals storming in just in time for the hottest 12.12 Sale! Get holiday haulin’ with these under P300 giftsets perfect for anyone on your not-so-secret list of lucky gift getters!

GAS Neon Rhythms Giftset P179

The classic on-the-go set for your dynamic playah' includes a fresh and musky bottle o' GAS body spray and a dandy hand towel to match!

Looney Tunes Tweety Giftset P229

Bring on the holiday cheer with a fresh and sweet Looney Tunes Tweety Bird body spray and a cute coin purse pack!

11:55 Infinity Arcade Giftset for Men P219

Just in time for the spirited season! Gift out this fresh n' crisp 11:55 body spray treat that includes a timely and chic digital watch to boot!

Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Giftset P229

A fun-lovin' surprise comes in this Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny set! Catch the musky scented body spray perfectly paired with an iconic character coin purse!

Grit x 11:55 Giftset for Men P199

Your holiday giftin' is coming in strong like this Grit X 11:55 present! Get sleeked and slick with this Grit True Punk hair wax plus citrus 11:55 Infinite body spray combo!

Rebel Heart Love Bar Giftset for Women P199

Your presents will have you wrapping your heart on your sleeve with the Rebel Heart Love Bar giftset! Lighten up your gifting with a fruity floral Rebel Heart body spray plus a sweet-looking coin purse!
Here's a wild berry seasonal surprise! Gift out these HeyHeyHey citrus Pink and candied Purple giftsets that includes a sweet body spray and an eye-catching keychain to pair!

Holiday shopping just got way easier with these awesome giftsets! Mark your calendars and shop more trendy 12.12 Daily Deals on!


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