How lucky are we to have awesome women in our lives? With all that beauty, brains, and buff attitude, it's no wonder that they literally run the world. Check out the wonderful ladies who run the reigns and who we literally cannot live without.

The Diaper Sister

Literally, your sister from another litter since birth. The moment each of your moms placed you two inside the play pen, you've never been apart. You know everything about her from her star sign to the name of her fourth ex. The only thing you don't know is how you'll function without her in your life.

Miss Chief

Miss Chief is the BOSS. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and takes no wishy-washy attitude from anyone or anything. This confident and decisive force of nature is the woman you totally look up to... and you'll think twice in messing with.

Her Right Hand

Her Right Hand is exactly who you think she is. She is the master of emotional heart-to-hearts and secret keeping. She will listen to everything you have to say until the last teardrop falls and she'll never spill a word of it. She probably remembers all your passwords, too.

Miss Been There, Done That

The expert of experience, she's been there and done everything. From the aftereffects of that grapefruit juice diet you wanted to try out to what you'll be doing eleven years from now, she knows. She's the embodiment of woman's intuition.

Ole Reliable

The gal who's up for whatever crazy idea you've cooked up. She never ditches your wild rides to who-knows-where. She picks up your calls to 3AM ramen noodle hunts. And she never, ever says no to you... even if she knows that it's always up to no good.

Your Support Sis

When you're down and out, your Support Sis comes flying in to slap you out of it. Usually aggressive by nature but never ill-intended, she is determined to list down all your awesome qualities and how you're an obvious catch to anyone with working vision. She is your number one fan and your fun-loving gal pal for life.

The Knacky Knockout

Not only is she the most gorgeous friend you know both inside and out, she's totally gifted with everything from vector calculus to vector contouring. She's got a thousand skills up her sleeve that are just bound to wow anyone she meets.

The Wifey

Your other half, your most loyal adviser, the one you run to during the most delicate moments of your life, she is your loving Wifey. She knows how to take care of you the way you should be treated: with all the trust, care, and respect in the world. When you're around her, you don't mind putting your guard down because she will always take you as you are.

Who are the lucky ladies you have in your life? Appreciate the love for our gals with #HERSTREETSTYLE Collection on!